Welcome to Music

Welcome to ES Music at ISM
for the 2016-2017 school year!

ES Music Team
L-R: Ms. Julie, Mr. Smith and Ms. Peachy
Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Nadia (TA)

Robbie Smith, Program Leader

KinderChang, Hafeez
Grade 1: McCann, Pearce, Toole, Dewey
Grade 2: Holthe, Coyle
Grade 3: Kearns, Bourgignon
Grade 4: Cook, Park

Julie Lodi

Grade 1: Haizlip, Barron
Grade 2: Conjamalay, Lopez
Grade 3: Sucre, Atkinson, Strycharske
Grade 4: Leo, Waddington, Riviello  
Peachy Miller

Preschool: All
KinderLawler, Foley, Simbana
Grade 2: Vinter, Gibbs
Grade 3: Montilla, Miller
Grade 4: Quinlan, Strange

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